An open resource that lets you discover the relevant skilled artists, places, shows and galleries. Art.investments is a unique and valuable tool for anyone who loves and works with contemporary art – from the professional artist to passionate collectors and galleries.

Art.investments was developed and founded by Andre Kadzikowski / somepro Art & Design   / ROOMIQUE Network to observe the voice of the contemporary art market, to support artists, galleries and art related projects.

We are expanding to partner with other media channels, venues, art agents, galleries and thus welcome suitable proposals for visual arts exhibitions, music, theatre, film, or other collaborations. We promise to closely review every proposal submitted. We look forward to welcoming you.


Business Developments

Mrs. Catharina Banach  catharina (at) roomique.com

Mr Andre Kadzikowski  andre (at) roomique.com

This domain including website and its social media channels is available for sale.

We are creative talented people with many concepts in the pipeline and if we receive an attractive offer for this website we might be willing to sell it.
If you are interested to buy art.investements, get in touch with us.

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