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  • Guggenheim Museum

    “Democracy without books is not democracy," says Under the Same Sun exhibition artist Marta Minujín. In our new video, the artist discusses her large-scale public installations inspired by the burnings of banned books in Argentina during the military dictatorship.

  • Johnny B

    A great way to visually express the fact that there are still people in the World that think that they have the Moral Authority to decide what others should think and feel and how they should live.

    This censure that was expressed recently in Texas when over 15,000 books were banned in prisons. This action exposes the true nature of those in authority, usually by those (seldom)Right Wing(nuts) in positions of power. To ban a book such as "Charlie Brown's Christmas" and say that Adolf Hitler's book, "Mein Kampf" is quite acceptable clearly shows their political inclinations.

    The USA always claimed that they are the "last bastion of Freedom" and this proves that they are not.

    Fortunately, there are those that work to bring to light such actions and remind us all that, in this World, that working in the dark,Evil is very much 'alive' and active.

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