Artist Talk: Liam Gillick & Hito Steyerl

Join celebrated artists Liam Gillick and Hito Steyerl for a conversation about their process and differing approaches, which will expand into a more general discussion on criticism, theory, and contemporary art and society.

Gillick and Steyerl are each highly regarded for their writing. Gillick has, for many years, attempted to avoid what he terms the „singularity“ problem—the idea that form and content should converge within a single work. Rather, he advocates pursuing simultaneous and parallel tracks in art, and his texts are often equal partners with his objects in the making of the work. With a distinctive and influential writing style, Gillick is also known for his essays and wider cultural criticism. Steyerl’s theoretical and performative essays range across many topics related to contemporary art and culture, including the evolving nature of the image in a post-digital world and the increasingly networked relationship between image and identity in an era of social media. Her texts operate alongside her moving-image work, though she sees them as related but independent pursuits.


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