Bill T. Jones‘ Story/Time Excerpts

Example of ways that a performer’s physical appearance influences narrative from sections of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company’s 2012 performance of Story/Time at the Walker Art Center.

Bill T. Jones, one of America’s most accomplished dancemakers and a 2010 Kennedy Center honoree, returned to the Walker Art Center with his international company in Story/Time. Jones commands center stage with his flow of 70 autobiographical, one-minute micro stories. With a formal structure inspired by composer John Cage’s Indeterminacy (1959), the piece operates on the principle of chance to layer movement, stories, and music in the moment.

In this clip, members of the company repeat a one-minute story several times. Shown side by side, these sections demonstrate ways that a story changes with each body, with each different performer. Read more about the body in performance here:


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