Fritz Haeg: At Home in the City

Fritz Haeg’s practice spans a range of disciplines—architecture, performance, design, education, gardening, and ecology—and includes projects as varied as public dances, urban parades, temporary encampments, edible gardens, videos, and publications. He often creates environments that respond to particular places, working in collaboration with local residents and groups. Through a new series of projects, the artist will work with the Twin Cities community on gardens, events, and installations that collectively reimagine our everyday relationships to the land, the home, the city, and each other.


Category: Allgemein
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  • Sarah Zoutewelle

    HI JD, I saw your comment on Fritz Haeg's project 'at home in the city'. I can understand how this new twist in the arts can be incomprehensible to veteran painters etc. I am a fairly conventional artist, but felt a real gap between what the world seems to need right now as far as positive visionary narratives, and my isolated work in the studio. So Fritz's work inspires me deeply. I respect his creativity and his ability to get ideas out of his head and out into the communty as into tangible projects. And I appreciate his striving to make what he does relate to everybody- not just a couple of the initaited elite. You and I are labouring in our studios, I"ve left the gallery and traditional art world and the idea of art as product long ago. Fritz Haeg,Doug Aitken,and others are out there using their idea of the arts to do important creative healing work. These are the culture makers, this is the future. greetings, Sarah

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