Guggenheim Christopher Wool Symposium – PTG: Abstraction since 1980

Talks by Suzanne Hudson, Mark Godfrey, and Katy Siegel addressing questions of painting and abstraction from the 1980s to the present were given on the occasion of Christopher Wool, on view October 25, 2013-January 22, 2014. Learn more about the symposium and view the full speaker list:

08:22 – „Fuck ‚Em If They Can’t Take a Joke“ by Suzanne Hudson
32:32 – „Abstraction and Unknowability“ by Mark Godfrey
1:17:32 – „The Bifurcation of Painting, or Process and Reality“ by Katy Siegel
1:52:44 – Group conversation and audience Q&A

Presented in conjunction with Christopher Wool on view October 25, 2013–January 22, 2014 at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Learn more:


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  • szymborska

    Thanks so much for taking the time to record and upload these videos. I suggest seeing how the Walker records their visual arts talks, allowing online viewers to see the images up close (I'm assuming they just use the speaker's slides when editing the video). Especially due to the subject matter, some of these images are impossible to see. If the slides were used as still, full screen images, the online experience would be much closer to what viewers in the audience see. The Walker does go back and forth between the speaker and slides, so we can get a feel for the talk too while not missing out on the great images. My two cents.

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