How to Make a Pot Like Grayson Perry | Tate

Follow our step-by-step guide to building a coil pot with ceramicist Freya Bramble-Carter. For further tips and details about this activity, visit our website at Please note, filming took place before the UK’s lockdown measures were introduced.

The whole process can take up to a couple of weeks, depending on the speed in which you wish to work and drying times, and is suitable for anyone who is new to pottery.  

You will need:
– a metal kidney palette (or a plastic card for the smooth edge and a fine, plastic hair comb for the serrated edge)
– a potter’s knife
– mark making tools (tweezers, chopsticks, a fork and kitchen knife work well for decor work)
– a toothbrush
– some paintbrushes
– a selection of letter stamps
– a turntable
– some water
– a cheese wire (or thread /string strong enough to slice through clay)
– a cloth or tea towel
– a rolling pin and measuring guides
– earthenware or stoneware clay
– a sponge
– a pencil and paper
– sandpaper
– scissors
– soluble wax (or masking tape)
– transparent glaze
– a selection of coloured slips, oxides and underglazes

All of the materials are available mostly online or at your local art supply shop. You will also need access to a pottery kiln. You can often find these at art colleges or other community groups.

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