Laura Owens: Hugo Boss Prize 2016 Nominee

Laura Owens, Hugo Boss Prize 2016 nominee, discusses her painting practice and explains her unique approach to the creative development of a new project, which sometimes starts with a word, found image, or site visit. Owens also talks about combining old and new painting techniques, using appropriated images, and experimenting with a wide array of mark-making materials and methods.

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  • Stuart Vernon

    I came across Laura Owens' work years ago and I still remember the painting, which incorporated spider monkeys and sky and branches in a fascinating way that was also crazy and funny. Hope she gets something out of this prize; it's so hard to be curious in pictures – the way we all used to be when we were very young.

  • Jeff Roysdon

    i like a lot of things about these paintings- the different wAys she applies paint-i like the images she chooses to appropriate- sense of humor is nice— i justb cant stand that ugly 80s bad design eastetic that so many people are using now. i dont want paintings to remind me of the intro to Head of the Class. it was bad then and its worse now because people should know better.-its hopefully about over- guess we3ll have 90s style soon

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