Opening-Day Talk: Painting in the Present Tense

For the opening-day panel discussion, artist/curator Michelle Grabner, writer Bruce Hainley, and critic Jan Verwoert join Painter Painter’s co-curators Eric Crosby and Bartholomew Ryan and featured artists to talk about the exhibition as well as the broader topics of painting and abstraction today.


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  • teamcrumb

    so bored of the art scene, but i still like art, the bits i like. yes its modality, and no it doesn't cure a thing. it sits next to us as we start to feel better for ourselves.

  • z1522

    "Painters Painting" at least is still being discussed 45 years later; this talk feels already like its own parody. Those whose careers are dependent on the art of others may have a few interesting ideas, but the problem still appears to be that the critics/film makers/rich collectors weigh in at a higher weight class than the artists who do the work. Strip away the BS, and Verwoert does exactly what he finds offensive in past critics – ties his wagon to his own little 'stars' (perhaps knowing, perhaps not admitting to himself) in giddy anticipation of riding their wave, and basking in the glow of association. I wonder if Warhol's nurturing of poor clueless Basquiat was a final grand joke on the Art Scene.

  • z1522

    Around 48:00, Jan V "linear thinking has been imposed" and tedious art school rituals is good, but then reiterates his "connecting areas of life like the discoteque, kitchen, dance studio, the market, the collector's home where the painting becomes a vessel holding the monetary measure of quality" and I realize he like most in the Art World seems to know nothing about real people, working real jobs, in real backwater towns, who might have an inchoate craving for something that art might offer, but know and see only Thomas Kincaide or Basquiat and guess who they pick? Artists especially young ones need to be honest about who they are making art for, why, how, and where – and not whether Big Time critics are going to discover them.

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