„The Next Big Thing“ – The Delusional Downtown Divas

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The Delusional Downtown Divas began as an episodic film for indexmagazine.com, chronicling the adventures of AgNess, Oona, and Swann, three young women hungry for art world stardom but comically unaware of how to reach their goal of stylish domination. The DDD’s are downtown natives, living in AgNess’s father’s Tribeca loft. They used to spend their days smoking pot, changing outfits every few minutes, and fruitlessly trying to worm their way back into the art world in which they claim to have been raised. But now they’re adult women with professional aspirations, not just kids stealing pretzels from Leo Castelli’s gallery kitchen.

In real life, the Delusional Downtown Divas are Joana Avillez (Swann), Lena Dunham (Oona), and Isabel Halley (AgNess). They met each other in preschool. Their videos are written, directed, and produced by Lena Dunham and shot and edited by Sara Rossein.


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